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Is Beachbody available in Denmark?

Hi, I live in Denmark and I would like to create an account and have access to your programmes. But I am not sure if you are available in Denmark.

When I try to create a profile in order to log in, it seems there is a problem with my billing postal code. My postal code is 8380 (Trige - Denmark), but when I enter this number, it is not being accepted.

Thanks in advance. Best, Vaia

1 answer
Team Beachbody Response #2130047
Hello Vaia, Our memberships are available in US, CA, UK and FR. We currently do not offer services in Denmark. Sincerely, Beachbody Support

How can I change coaches?

It is not letting me change coaches. I have been advised this is inaccurate and would like to change over.

1 answer
Team Beachbody Response #2104965
Hello Kayla, We see that your Preferred Customer account was successfully canceled on December 16, 2021. You may now submit a customer coach change to your desired Coach. Sincerely, Beachbody

Refund please

I cancelled before but they charged me this month and I need the refund of this month. I really didn’t like this even after canceling my subscription

1 answer
Team Beachbody Response #2092172
Hello Vasanthi, Your subscription was cancelled on November 12, 2021. A refund has also been processed for the most recent charge. Please allow up to three business days to receive the funds depending on your financial institution. Sincerely, Beachbody


Hello! Ive ordered insanity dvd through amazon… i was very happy and recommend it to my family… I bought another one and give them to 2 of my sibling.

I bought CIZE and INSANITY MAX 30 through amazon again i was very happy with my collection until after 6 months the Cize DVD 3rd DVD start acting up. I cant return the DVD and I cannot use it either. Is there anyway you can help me replace just the 3rd DVD of CIZE?

Thank you for taking time to read my email. Stay safe

1 answer
Team Beachbody Response #2092750
Hello Joserie, We have attempted to reach you; however, we were unsuccessful. Please contact us at the phone number provided via voicemail and email for further assistance. Sincerely, Beachbody

Order/Shipment not received and it’s been over 10 days.

Order placed for shakeology pack on 9/8. Nothing has arrived. And when I track the FedEx order it looks like the package has been lost in Houston TX for the last 7 days.

1 answer
Team Beachbody Response #2066747
Hi Katie, Thank you for taking the time to speak with us to resolve your concern. As discussed, please contact us once you received the reshipment order.

Can’t access BOD

When will service be restored for BOD?

1 answer
By Admin on Behalf of the Company #1525471
We attempted to contact you to discuss this matter further but were unable to reach you. We understand that you reported experiencing some technical difficulties with logging in to your Beachbody On Demand Account. We want to express our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience experienced as a result of the Beachbody on Demand Server being temporarily unavailable for a few hours. The server has now undergone the necessary maintenance and is back up and running, we had an unexpected outage that caused the server to be down temporarily, however, access has now been restored and you should be able to successfully login to your account via This information has also been sent to you within an email correspondence. Furthermore, You may want to refresh your page and clear your browser cookies, before logging in, but if this has already been done, simply log in to the site and enjoy your workout. Should you experience any technical issues with your Beachbody On Demand Account login, Please contact us at your earliest convenience via
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