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Team Beachbody - Shakeology + Beachbody On Demand Challenge Group Review

Team Beachbody
For years, I searched for a magic pill or powder that would make my excess weight go away and give me energy to go about my daily life without the constant feeling of fatigue. One day I realized: there is no magic pill; I have to make my own magic. I talked to a friend of mine who is a Beachbody Coach. She recommended Beachbody On Demand + Shakeology. The first program I started was 21 Day Fix, and after day one I knew my life was going to... Read more

Team Beachbody Review: a Coach invited me to try “just 21 days”

Team Beachbody
My friend (and Team Beachbody Coach) convinced me to give 21 Day Fix a try, and I agreed *just* for 21 days. In those 3 weeks, I lost 15 lbs, and there was no turning back… I think I'm a die-hard 21 Day Fixer for life, but it’s nice to be able to change things up on Beachbody On Demand and give the other Beachbody programs a try once in a while. I liked the 21 Day Fix workouts because they were straight to the point and easy to follow. I... Read more

Team Beachbody - Challenge Group made all the difference

Team Beachbody
Team Beachbody helped me tremendously; it taught me how to eat healthy in a simple, doable way, and it provided me with a wonderful Coach who put me into a Challenge Group that pushed me every single day. The Challenge Group made ALL THE DIFFERENCE for me! It was amazing being surrounded by motivating people going through the exact same thing as I was. I have lost over 70 pounds and 10 inches in my waist alone! I eat healthy and exercise daily,... Read more
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Hi Sarah, On May 23, 2017, you requested to cancel your “membership” with Beachbody. The agent misunderstood your request and only cancelled your HD subscriptions and unfortunately did not make you aware of how to cancel your Coach account. Cancelling your Coach...
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I didn't like
  • Did not like being scammed
  • Full disclosures from employees
  • Fraud
Every time I felt like giving up, I turned to my Team Beachbody community. I attended every local event and signed up for all the online challenges in order to hold myself accountable. That way, I was always surrounded by people who inspired me. In the past, I normally...
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Beachbody On Demand has helped me to lose 115 lbs, and I could not be happier. My husband and I were ready to start a family, but I weighed in at a whopping 276 lbs, and blood work revealed that I was pre-diabetic. I knew that being extremely overweight would put me at...
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My Beachbody Coach introduced me to P90, by Tony Horton. I decided to make the commitment and ordered the Challenge Pack. Buying P90 was easily one of the best decisions I have ever made! I have tried just about every diet and quick fix in the book before, but it...
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I am the world's biggest sceptic and I didn't think a shake and a DVD fitness program would change anything. I was so sceptical that I decided to follow the program 100% just to prove that it will NOT work. Boy was I wrong. Soon I felt a lot of changes. At the...
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My Team Beachbody Coach did not give up on me, and I'm so grateful! She asked me at least four times to join her Challenge Group before I finally said YES! I was just scared I couldn't do it, but now, I have seen what amazing things I can accomplish. She is one...
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I got started with Team Beachbody to lose a little weight. I’ve done that — 70 pounds and staying steady! Everything changed, though, inside and out. My energy skyrocketed. My confidence grew. And I’ve met this network of incredible people across the country who...
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I was an unhappy stay-at-home-mom. I had put on a lot of weight starting at the age of 37, and before I knew it I was 171 pounds. My niece emailed to tell me about this exercise program she was on and for some reason I decided to give it a try. I ordered Beachbody's...
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Beachbody On Demand is INCREDIBLE! I use it every single day, and I know there is no way I would be where I am today without the easy accessibility and its amazing variety, and I'm SO grateful for it! In less than 2 years, I’ve lost 105 lbs. with Beachbody programs....
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My name is Marta Herrera. I am a forty-something mother of two, and I started this journey with Team Beachbody to get healthier and be a better example for my family. I started with 21 Day Fix, and I repeated the program 10x because I was so out of shape. I stuck to it...
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